Hakuna Matata

Steven Phan. 1. I take pictures 2. I love music. 3. I love meeting new people. 4. Grindin til I'm tired

<3 CTP

New years!

Up late, listening to my lovely dog snore, listening to music, and listening to my thoughts. 

I’ve always felt I’ve been my own biggest critic - but I am able to justify how and why I need to better myself on a daily basis.  

Note to Self:

No bad days. You decide what to make of the situations you’re put it. 

Grind on. 

A few snapshots from a quick shoot for my boy’s new product - “The Gator” by Stocked 

Words for 2014

One can not master your future, if you’re a slave of your past. 

A few snaps from an engagement shoot I did mid December. 

I’m so glad I’m back behind the lens. 

Hi Tumblr

Long story short.

Learning to be happy(ier)? with what I have, and decisions I’ve made. 

I realize my inner circle is a lot smaller than I thought it was

My degree is only 18 credits away. And the second another 14 after that.

Money means nothing if you have no one to share it with.

Time with our loved ones is limited and we need to cherish it.

Live with the skeletons in your closet, or face them dead on, either way you gotta learn to deal with it.

Photography is back in my life and I am very happy about that. 

If we’ve lost touch, please just say hi, it’ll mean the world to me. 

Peace, Love and Smiles my friends <3 


When people avoid me…honestly, it still makes me sad…